ODL Engineering Tech Talks

06/30/2015 | Elaine Mello and Robert Sikkema


A history of the service and how we go to where we are today as well as a look under the hood at how it runs – software architecture.

05/05/2015 | Joe Calzaretta

Learning Modules APIs

Members of the IS&T Emerging Solutions DevOps Team discussing the various Learning Modules (LMOD) APIs and how they are used integrated with the other systems of record at MIT.

01/06/2014 | Carson Gee


Introduction to ELK (ElasticSearch, logstash, and Kibana) architecture and Kibana demonstration for building, modifying, and making use of the powerful data dashboard.

12/19/2014 | Justin Riley

Proctored Exams, Card Reader Integration and Randomized Problem Banks

Review of the systems developed for 3.091, an MIT chemistry course that replaced 2 miderms and a final with weekly online quizzes.

11/19/2014 | Carson Gee and Peter Pinch

Git Based Course Development

How MIT has integrated git’s version control and collaboration features into open edX.

10/29/2014 | Sanjay Sarma


The director of ODL, Professor Sanjay Sarma has graciously agreed to talk "Innovation". He will talk about his own innovation journey, the rapid pace of new product and value creation today, and how we can think about innovation going forward.

9/17/2014 | Ivica Ceraj

Introduction to LTI on edX

A light technical introduction to LTI and how it is used in edX.

9/10/2014 | Joe Martis

Course Authoring in edX

An introduction to course authoring in edX.

09/03/2014 | Carson Gee

Navigating the Vagrant Stacks of edX

Demo and overview of running the edX platform locally with some helpful tips for getting productive.