do you dream in code?

Yes? Then we are looking for you. To reinvent education at MIT and beyond. Through technology!

About Us

We provide sustainable and scalable technology solutions that create the highest impact on the ODL core mission "to transform teaching and learning at MIT and around the globe through the innovative use of digital technologies." Our technology services (like MITx) scale, using automation, reaching beyond individuals, to the entire student and faculty body at MIT, and beyond.

What We Do

  • Provide educational technology services (like MITx) at scale.
  • Provide modern infrastructure for digital learning apps.
  • Maintain and improve edX software.
  • Extend edX with MIT-specific apps.
  • Create scalable tools and APIs that work well within the MIT ecosystem.
  • Empower the community to contribute digital teaching and learning tools.
  • Support the conduct of advanced digital learning research at MIT.

Current Projects


Learning Objects Repository for Education.


Contribute to OpenEdx, the next-generation online learning platform.

CCX (Custom Course for edX)

A lightweight approach to reusing edX course content.


A tool to generate interactive MITx / edX courses from LaTeX


Integrate the edX authentication and authorization system with MIT card readers.


A framework for running scripts against edX student data from within a course.


A Flask/WSGI application for responding to github triggers asynchronously.

SGA (staff graded assignments)

An XBlock that provides staff graded assignment functionality for the open edX platform.


The video-sharing site for the MIT community.


Python library to easily create LTI app providers for edX platform.


A virtual experiment simulation for cell and molecular biology.


An interface for pushing MITx grades to Stellar’s Gradebook.


Webhook server for automatic loading of course content from github to edX studio.


A Mendelian genetics cross simulator.


Our Will bot for kicking around in HipChat.


Automatic course provisioning for the edx-platform and github.


Python library for interacting with the MIT campus learning modules.


Flask application for proxying requests to the MIT Learning Modules API from edx-platform.